Adult/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate

The Adult/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate program requires that students have completed an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) graduate educational program from a nationally accredited school of nursing.

Adult/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate - 15 credit hours

The Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Certificate focuses on the primary, acute and chronic needs of a diverse population of adults across the lifespan. In the CNS graduate certificate, interdisciplinary coordination, patient education, quality improvement and project development activities are emphasized. The CNS certificate prepares nurses to perform in the expanded role of caring for a particular kind of patient/client or to function in particular kinds of settings, including the hospital. The courses include adult/gerontological theory courses, practice-focused clinical courses and an intensive preceptorship experience. All courses are offered on the KU Medical Center campus.

  Course Name (Credit hours)
NRSG 862/863 Adult/Gerontological Health Care I & Practicum (CNS) (3/2)
NRSG 865/866 Adult/Gerontological Health Care II & Practicum (CNS) (3/4)
NRSG 868 Adult/Gerontological Health Care III: Preceptorship (CNS) (3-5)

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Last modified: Dec 17, 2014