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Health Professions Educator Certificate

Health Professions Educator Certificate - 12 credit hours 

This interprofessional certificate affords broad opportunities and necessary skills to develop healthcare education expertise in various roles within academic and clinical settings. Students complete applied teaching projects in each educator course, including a final student teaching capstone.

Students may complete the Health Professions Educator Certificate as a post-baccalaureate student with a health-related degree, as a post-graduate certificate, or concurrently with a graduate program in nursing or other health-related discipline. All required courses are online.

Students are admitted according to the following application deadlines: June 1 for Fall semester; April 1 for Summer semester; November 1 for Spring semester

NRSG 870 Designing a Student Learning Environment (3)     Fall semester

NRSG 871 Curriculum/Program Planning and Evaluation (3)     Spring semester

NRSG 873 Teaching with Technologies (3)        Summer semester

NRSG 874 Health Professions Educator Preceptorship (3)      Fall semester

Last modified: Sep 19, 2018