Public Health Nursing Certificate

Organizational Leadership, Healthcare Informatics and Public Health Nursing certificate students choose one course from the Leadership core, as part of the course requirements for each program.

Leadership Core (select one course):

NRSG 880

Organizational Foundations for Leading Change (3)

NRSG 885

Evaluation and Analysis for Healthcare Effectiveness (2)

NRSG 808

The Social Context for Health Care Policy (2)

NRSG 826

Global Perspectives and Diversity in Health Care (2)

NRSG 820

Program, Project and Communication Planning (2)


Public Health Nursing Certificate - 16 to 19 credit hours
Nurses in this program will acquire skills in advanced community-based interventions and outcomes measurement, with emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention strategies for a targeted population. Public health nurses will find employment in state and county health departments, national and regional agencies that focus on specialized client populations, or as leaders in community-based clinical and advocacy agencies. All courses are online.


Course Name/Credit hours 

PRVM 800

Principles of Epidemiology (3)

PRVM 830

Environmental Health (3)

NRSG 827

Advanced Concepts in Public Health Nursing (2)

NRSG 828

Advanced Public Health: Practicum I (3)

NRSG 829

Advanced Public Health: Practicum II (3)

NRSG 890

Independent Study (2) * Students who do not have enough clinical hours to meet national certification eligibility may need to take this additional two credits of practicum work.


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