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Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership and nursing administration in today's health care system are complex challenges. The Organizational Leadership specialty emphasizes leadership practices that drive continuous improvement in health outcomes and patients with special emphasis on balancing productivity and care quality.

DNP graduates in this specialty are distinguished by their advanced ability to conceptualize new care delivery models, orchestrating their design, implementation and evaluation within and across organizational structures. Advanced knowledge and skills in leadership theory and communication, quality improvement, evaluation of cost effectiveness of care, risk assessment, ethical practice, leading and sustaining organization-wide changes in practice delivery and healthcare policy for advancement of population health will be acquired. Graduates with a DNP in Organizational Leadership are prepared to function at all leadership and management levels in a variety of settings. With the exception of Professionalism & Scholarship Workshop (NRSG 935) and DNP Synthesis Workshop (NRSG 954), all required courses are offered online.

Sample Plan of Study - Preferred Plan of StudyPDF document (image)

Last modified: Sep 22, 2020