Byron Gajewski, PhD

Professor, Biostatistician
PhD, Texas A&M University

With his skill and training in statistical theory and methods Byron Gajewski, PhD strives to collaborate with researchers and scientists in order to assure that a sound and correct statistical method is the vehicle for substantive conclusions on funded and non-funded quantitatively based research projects. As a statistical scientist and faculty member in Department of Biostatistics, Dr. Gajewski's main collaborations are with faculty members in the School of Health Professions and School of Nursing, students, and other statisticians at the KU Medical Center.

Dr. Gajewski received his PhD in statistics from Texas A&M University in 2000. He has served as an assistant professor of statistics at St. Cloud University in Minnesota and as a statistical consultant to the University of Florida School of Medicine.

Hired by KU in July of 2002, Dr. Gajewski's official duties include assisting faculty in the development of research designs and statistical analyses for grant applications, serving as a statistical collaborator on funded research projects, providing consultation to faculty and students regarding research design and statistical applications, teaching courses in biostatistics/research design and working collaboratively with other biostatisticians within the KU Medical Center system in interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Gajewski's collaborative publication record includes topics in both medicine and nursing, with articles submitted for publication in the areas of rehabilitative sciences and dietetics and nutrition. His statistical publications include authorship in the Journal of Transportation Research Board (National Academy of Sciences), Journal of Transportation Statistics, Environmetrics, Journal of Statistics Education, Statistics in Medicine, Controlled Clinical Trials, and Chance. Dr. Gajewski's work focuses on developing Bayesian statistical methods and applying them to actual problems in transportation, nursing, and medicine.

Dr. Gajewski continues to enjoy working, serving and learning through collaborations with scientists and friends at the KU Medical Center.

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Byron Gajewski, PhD
Professor, Biostatistician

P: (913) 588-1603