Carol E Smith, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Ph.D., University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
MS, Wayne State University
BSN, University of Iowa

Carol E. Smith, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, is a professor at the University of Kansas School of Nursing and in Preventive Medicine & Public Health.  Smith has 28 years of consecutive National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding from various divisions. Her research program is to develop, test and translate into practice nursing and multi-disciplinary interventions to support older adults and their family caregivers in managing complex home care. Smith's research based interventions have been adopted by health professionals and health care systems worldwide. Smith is a leader in use of distance technologies for health care services delivery. Her newest is testing of "Virtual Nurse Caring" using her award winning interactive web interventions, camera equipped PC tablets computers and mobile smart telephones that allow audio visual exchanges from family homes with multiple professionals at the same time. Another service delivery intervention is Smith's nurse led multidisciplinary health professionals' and older adults with their family group clinic appointments.

Smith has over 180 peer reviewed articles in top-tier interdisciplinary and NOVA Science research publications. One of her meta-synthesis articles was the most highly requested for Nursing Research and others have been included in the International Evidence Based Practice Meta-Analysis reviews. Smith has provided numerous interdisciplinary colleagues and students, first and co-authored opportunities. Since Smith's data based model on Caregiving Effectiveness was in Advances in Nursing Science she and other researchers have published multiple empirical replications and clinical uses of this model. Smith's model variables consistently predict long-term outcomes of chronically ill adults and their caregivers' health/quality of life and health economic outcomes. Hence the model was described in doctoral textbook as an exemplar evidenced based clinical practice theory.

In terms of integrating research and education scholarship, Smith has developed and taught several web-based university research courses for nursing, international, graduate and undergraduate students who have nominated her for numerous teaching awards including the first Innovative Teacher, the Chancellor's and the Alumni Teaching honor. She has mentored a large number of junior faculty, each have obtained funding from NIH, AHRQ or AHA. Of Dr. Smith's PhD and DNP students, many have the Midwest Nursing Research Society and the National Nursing Administration Research Association dissertation awards; others earned awards from National Interdisciplinary Scientific Associations such as STTI with others earning competitive University graduate school research awards. Since 2005, Smith has mentored medical faculty to complete their research requirements in their residency fellowships.

Smith is a faculty in the European Doctorate in Nursing and has been a doctoral research examiner in England, Finland and Australia. For this extensive work she was recognized by several mentorship awards and an Honorary Doctoral degree (along with a ceremonial Viking sword) from University of Turku in Finland. Dr. Smith has been repeatedly invited as professor of research at Universities of Iceland, Finland and Australia. She is one of the 850 U.S. faculty or professionals annually, who are funded to teach and conduct research abroad through the Fulbright-Hayes program. Smith was given the University Regents award for her research assisting families across Kansas as well as the Chancellor's Research award.

Smith's research evidence is used in generating health care policies published by the American Academy of Sciences in their National Safety Standards for Home Medical Care; by FDA in health policy briefings, by CMS on cost-efficiency analyses of intensive care at home; and by the Health Care Financing Administration's on protecting the most vulnerable. A policy highlight was Smith's selection for the US Congressional 21st Century Health Care Panel on Supporting Family Caregiving, presented on US Capitol Hill. Nationally, Smith has served on several State of the Science and grant review panels for NIH, the PEW Foundation Internet Health Care research, AARP and for the Hartford Foundation Consensus on Nursing and Social Work Caregiving Competencies. 

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Carol E Smith, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

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