Equipment / Resource Materials Check-Out

  1. Students may check out learning resources for use in the Learning Lab only. This includes textbooks, journal articles, learning guides, videotapes, etc. Time limit on checkout is 2 hours. If no one else is requesting to use the same resource, it may be rechecked. Students should not be allowed to check out multiple items at the same time. This prevents other students from utilizing the resources. StudentsMAY NOT take these resources home with them. They may take them to ERC to copy or view. These resources are signed out on the Clinical Learning Lab Check-Out Sheet with the student name, phone number, date, time and resource taken. Please remind students to sign them in when they are returned.
  2. Other lab resources such as models, patient care equipment, etc., may be checked out by faculty for classroom or conference use if not needed at that time for skills competency testing.
  3. Textbooks are available in the lab for reference by students and faculty. Students are to use them only in the lab. Faculty may check textbooks out for 24 hours only if there is more than one copy of the text. If there is only one copy, then they are limited to 2 hours use in the lab complex.
  4. To ensure availability of resources needed for class, faculty should call April Roche at extension 8-2746 ahead of time to reserve them for the specific time needed.
  5. All resources checked out by faculty should be signed out by filling the checkout sheet with date, time taken, resource taken, phone number and name. A time for return should also be indicated.

Last modified: May 22, 2013