Policies and Procedures

  1. To reserve clinical lab space and/or exam rooms contact the Assistant Director April Roche at 913-588-2746, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  2. SON Clinical Learning Lab hours:
    The SON Clinical Learning Lab hours are generally 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, year round. Accommodations can and will be made for events scheduled outside of these hours.
  3. The Learning Lab is viewed as a clinical site. Back packs, purses, coats, sweatshirts and other items of personal nature should be stored outside of the lab.
  4. In order to comply with fire safety code regulations; doors leading to and from the learning lab and exam room hallways are to remain closed. Doors should never be propped open.
  5. Food and drink is prohibited from being consumed in the main lab area, exam rooms, and the control room; however you are allowed to prepare and consume food in the home care area.
  6. If disposable supplies are needed for clinical labs please note that arrangements must to be made with the assistant director two weeks prior to your lab event. Reimbursement arrangements will be discussed at that time.
  7. After the completion of your clinical activities please return the main lab / and or exam rooms back to their original condition.
  8. Please report maintenance issues or equipment damages to SON learning lab staff immediately.
  9. Telephones in the main learning lab are for staff use only. There are phones located in the corridors of each floor in the SON building for general use. Please note if you need to return a page please feel free to use the front desk phone.
  10. When doors to exam rooms are closed please knock and wait for a reply before entering. The doors to the exam rooms should always be closed when they are not in use.
  11. While utilizing the exam rooms please write your name on the white board located outside of the exam room next to the room number sign. When you have finished using the exam room please erase your name from the white board.
  12. When you are finished in the exam room please put away any equipment and supplies used and clean up the area. Unroll paper on the exam tables to replace any wrinkled or soiled paper. The area should be clean and ready for the next person to use before you leave.
  13. The blinds in the exam rooms may be opened or closed using the wands. Please do not raise them, leave them in the lowered position

Last modified: Jan 07, 2015