Student Rules


This is a simulated patient care area. Please act accordingly.  

  • The learning lab home care area is a teaching/learning area. It is not your home.
  • No studying (But please do study elsewhere)
  • No microwave use (There is one in the basement for your use)
  • No sleeping or lying in the bedroom area
  • No using the kitchen area (stove, refrigerator, sink, table)
  • Food or drink should be consumed elsewhere, not in the lab area.
  • Book bags or coats are to be left in your lockers. You would not bring them into a patient's room, so you should not bring them into the lab.
  • Computers in the learning lab are used for SEEDS documentation of your patient care.
  • Hallway phones are available for your use. The phones in the lab are for the faculty and staff working here.
  • No one is allowed in the learning lab prep room. Faculty or staff will get any additional supplies or equipment you may need.
  • The oxygen room and viewing rooms are to be accessed only by people needing to do work specifically in that area. Students are not allowed in the oxygen or viewing room.
  • Learning lab textbooks are to remain in the learning lab. Dykes library allows students to check out books.
  • Students must check at the front desk in the lab before entering exam rooms.
  • Students must check out learning lab equipment, manuals, etc. at the front desk.
  • Please clean up after yourself after you have completed your check-off or after you are done practicing.
  • Please respect sign-up times. Be ready to check-off at your allotted time (have your supplies ready before it is time for you to check-off).

Guidelines for Exam Room Use

  • When the door is shut, always knock and wait for a reply before opening a door. Doors should be open when empty.
  • Please write your name on the white board when using an exam room. Erase them when you leave.
  • When finished, please put away equipment and supplies and clean up the area. Unroll paper on exam tables to replace any wrinkled or soiled paper. The area should be clean and ready for the next person before you leave.
  • Sometimes faculty will reserve exam rooms. When this occurs a schedule will be posted outside that room. Please respect those times.
  • The blinds may be opened or closed with the wands. Please do not raise them; leave them in the lowered position.


> Also see Policies and Procedures


Last modified: Jul 10, 2013