Cultural Enrichment & Diversity

Since 2008, the KU School of Nursing has emphasized the importance of cultural enrichment and diversity both in the curricula and as an organizational value.  Through programs and events focused on increasing cultural competence among the faculty and staff, and by imbedding diversity values into the faculty governance structure, the School continues to increase cultural awarness and inclusion across all KU nursing communities.    

Cultural Enrichment and Diversity Committee


  • JoAnn Peterson, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Chair
  • Martha Baird, PhD, APRN, CTN-A, Assistant Professor
  • Elaine Domian, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Therese Hecht, Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Affairs
  • Rita Suarez, Research Administration Manager, Office of Grants & Research
  • Dahnika Sachs, undergraduate student
  • Kidist Daka, graduate student
  • Elaine Frank-Ragan, PhD, RN, Clinical Associate Professor, ex officio, Director of Enhancement Program for Cultural Enrichment
  • Jennifer Keeton, MLA, Dir. for Special Programs & Strategic Initiatives, ex officio, Program Administrator, Enhancement Program for Cultural Enrichment

The Cultural Enrichment and Diversity Committee was established in Fall 2012 in an effort to formalize the School of Nursing Enhancement Program for Cultural Enrichment. The committee is comprised of elected and appointed representatives from the School of Nursing. Some degree of flexibility may be appropriate when executing the functions of this joint committee due to the unique committee structure. These Policies & Procedures represent guidelines for the activities of committee, and may be modified as needed through a simple majority vote of the members.

I. Membership
1) Three (3) elected faculty members from the SON.
2) Two (2) appointed staff members from the SON.
3) Current SON Cultural Enrichment Program Director, or Dean's designee, ex-officio.
4) Two (2) SON students.
5) The committee will be chaired by a SON faculty member.

II. Selection of the Chairperson
1) The Chairpersons' term of office will be a one-year commitment.
2) The Chairperson shall be elected by the members of the committee.
3) The Chairperson will be voting member of the committee.
4) The Chairperson may be self-nominated, and will be approved by a majority of the committee members.
5) In the event that a member vacates the committee during his/her term, the Steering Committee will name or appoint another member to the committee.

III. Functions of the Chairpersons
1) The Chairperson will serve as a representative to the Steering Committee.
2) The Chairperson will be voting members of the committee.
3) The Chairperson will make an annual report to the SON Steering Committee.
4) The Chairperson will be knowledgeable of the SON Bylaws.
5) The Chairperson will work with members of the committee to assist with preparation of agendas and other meeting materials, reservation of the meeting space and other logistical tasks, and to record minutes or attend to other follow-up duties of the committee. This may be accomplished by electing a secretary or other officers.
6) The Chairperson will preside at meetings of the committee, or make accommodations for another member to do so in event of his/her absence.
7) The Chairperson will ensure that the student representatives understand that they represent the interests of both graduate and undergraduate students.

IV. Functions & Goals of the Committee
1) Demonstrate the value the KU SON places on diversity and cultural knowledge.
2) Ensure new knowledge and best practices related to diversity and cultural knowledge are present in the curricula.
3) Raise the level of knowledge and appreciation of cultural practices among patients, faculty, staff, students, preceptors and others.
4) Develop initiatives for encouraging diversity to flourish within the SON.
5) Collaborate with the School of Medicine Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity, the School of Health Professions standing committee on cultural diversity, and the KUMC diversity advisory group, along with other stakeholders, to advance cultural knowledge and appreciation, especially related to education, service, and research.
6) Foster open communication and explore ways to partner with other KUMC offices and area agencies related to diversity and cultural knowledge.

V. Procedures of the Committee
1) A quorum of the committee will be four (4) of the (7) elected/appointed members and must include the chair person or designated faculty member.
2) Decisions will be made by a majority vote.
3) Minutes will be kept of each committee meeting.
4) The annual report by the Chairperson of the committee will be forwarded to the Steering Committee. The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the SON Academic Councils, Curriculum Committee Faculty Practice Committee and other relevant governing bodies.
5) Recommendations related to cultural enrichment and diversity within the School of Nursing will go to the appropriate council.
6) The Committee will seek input from appropriate offices, department and school leaders in order to identify potential staff and student representatives. These nominations will be forwarded to the Dean annually for appointment consideration.

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