Professional Development & Mentoring

Staff Mentoring in the KU School of Nursing

Building strong professional relationships and developing specific professional skills are key strategic priorities for KU nursing faculty and staff members. In addition to opportunities available across campus, the School of Nursing now offers a dedicated staff mentoring program through its Faculty and Staff Enhancement Program.

The staff mentoring program consists of formal group and/or individual mentoring sessions over a 6-month period. The sessions will address core knowledge sets related to successfully completing operational functions efficiently, specialized skill training and personal goal development. Staff members will work with a colleague committed to help:

  • Learn core expectations the staff role and skill set
  • Reflect on personal knowledge, attributes and interests
  • Set personal and professional development goals
  • Gain knowledge about how to work effectively and professionally
  • Proactively contribute to the School of Nursing and the University of Kansas Medical Center

This program was developed as a result of the strategic initiative to Ensure Future Academic Excellence by Developing a Succession Plan (E5).  The program also aligns with several KUMC strategic goals addressing organizational adaptability, resilience, professionalism and communication. 


Faculty Mentoring in the KU School of Nursing

The purpose of the faculty mentoring program is to provide formal and informal mentoring for faculty at all stages of their career in the areas of teaching, research, practice, and the faculty role.

The goals of the faculty mentoring program are:

  • Build a mechanism for knowledge transfer
  • Provide guidance and support for career growth for all faculty (Including assistance with developing specific plans for promotion)
  • Promote a climate that values collegiality
  • Create a climate conducive for substantive contributions
  • Advance school's mission through scholarship
  • Support the growth of leadership skills in all faculty.

More details will be announced during the Fall 2014 semester. 


Professional Development Funds 

Program ends June 13, 2014!  

All fund requests must be submitted to the Office of Business & Fiscal Affairs by June 13!

As part of the Faculty and Staff Enhancement Program, the KU School of Nursing offers faculty and staff members personal funds to use at their discretion, in addition to other financial support currently provided by the School for professional activities.

  • Professional development funds are allotted for the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  • Full-time faculty members in the KU School of Nursing are allotted $500 per fiscal year.  Part-time faculty (.40 FTE or greater) and staff members are allotted $300 per fiscal year.
  • Funds may be used in part or completely throughout the fiscal year, but the funds may not be rolled over into a new fiscal year.  A new balance of available funds will start over at each new fiscal year.

Types of expenses approved for the professional development funds:

    • Memberships/Dues
    • Registration for conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars/webinars
    • Class tuition (must pre-approved, subject to taxation)
    • Travel expenses for professional meetings/conferences

      Please note:
      Devices purchased for individual use, such as laptops, e-readers and cell phones, as well as licensure fees, are NOT allowable expenses. 


To access funds:

  • Submit a check request formPDF document (image), describing your activity or purchase along with documentation (receipts, agendas, etc.) to Sally Sedarous in the Business Affairs Office, located at G050 School of Nursing.
  • Request direct deposit using the ACH form.

Account balances for each individual will be maintained by the Business Affairs Office. Questions about the professional development funds can be directed to Sally Sedarous, (913) 588-1611.



In order to promote and encourage attendance at KU School of Nursing Continuing Education programs, the Think-Pair-Share option offers two ways to take advantage of discounted programming while using your personal Professional Development funds. 
  1.  If you join with a student or other faculty member, both attendees can attend a KU School of Nursing Continuing Education program for half price!

- OR -

  1. If you sign up for two programs and attend by yourself, your second program is free. 

For more information about the Think-Pair-Share option, please contact the Dean's Office, (913) 588-1601.


Last modified: Jun 02, 2014