Faculty and Staff Resources

Office of Faculty Affairs

The University of Kansas School of Nursing Office of Faculty Affairs concerns administrative aspects of faculty membership, including academic promotion and application for tenure. Faculty Affairs policies and procedures are governed by the regulations of the University of Kansas Medical Center and the KU School of Nursing. 

Contacts for the Office of Academic Affairs

Nelda Godfrey, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs. (913) 588-1678 or ngodfrey@kumc.edu

Cynthia Teel, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, (913) 588-6318 or cteel@kumc.edu

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

More information about professional growth of School of Nursing faculty and staff, and other related programs and initiatives can be found on the Faculty and Staff Enhancement Program pages, including Professional Development and Mentoring, Publication and Editorial Support, and Cultural Enrichment and Diversity.

Last modified: Mar 01, 2018