Program Curriculum

The KU Nurse-Midwifery core courses, 19 credit hours, are predominantly distance-based, Internet courses. Students will come to the KU Medical Center campus two to five times each semester for clinical seminars only. Weekly face-to-face classroom courses do not occur, although synchronous learning is required for this program. This is met by meeting as a whole, online, with audio/computer interface each week for three hours.

The program is composed of three cores: (1) a General Graduate Core, (2) an Advanced Practice Core, and (3) a Nurse-Midwifery Specialty Core. The Nurse-Midwifery Specialty Core is the capstone core and builds upon the first two cores. View sample plans of study here.

Summary of Course Requirements

General Graduate Core (KU School of Nursing) *
NRSG 748 Theories for Practice and Research: Individual, Family, Community 3
NRSG 754 Health Care Research 3
NRSG 755 Health Care Professionalism: Issues and Roles 3
NRSG 898 Research Project 2
Sub total 11
Advanced Practice Core
NRSG 731 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics For Advanced Practice Nursing 1


Advanced Physiology 4
NRSG 810 Advanced Health Assessment 5
NRSG 812 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NRSG 813 Applied Drug Therapy 3
Sub total 16
Nurse-Midwifery Specialty Core
NRSG 830/831 Care of Women in the Antepartal Period 4
NRSG 832 Nurse-Midwifery in the Neonate 1
NRSG 836/837 Nurse-Midwifery in the Intrapartal/Postpartum Period:Practicum 3/2
NRSG 835 Primary Care of Women 3
NRSG 838 Primary Care of Women Through the Lifespan Practicum 2
NRSG 840 Care of Women Integration Practicum 4
Sub total 19

Total Credits Required



* Some variations may exist at collaborating institutions, from the UMKC School of Nursing or Wichita state University.

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