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NURS 490 Professional Practicum (5)
A preceptor model of learning professional nursing practice provides opportunities to synthesize and integrate previous learning experiences. Concepts of leadership and management, change, and therapeutic nursing interventions are integrated into practice. The focus is on individualized transition to the professional nursing role as an employee, recognizing the organizational, social, political, economic, ethical, and legal context in which interdisciplinary healthcare is delivered in a selected clinical setting.

University of Kansas 
School of Nursing 
Preceptor Orientation to Professional Practicum - N490

The Professional Practicum course clinical faculty of the University of Kansas School of Nursing welcome you as a preceptor in this course.  As a preceptor you serve a very important function by assisting the clinical faculty in developing, implementing, and evaluating how the senior nursing student meets the course expectations in your area. This orientation has been developed to acquaint the new preceptor as well as returning preceptor with some of the expectations of the students and course faculty. 

Preceptor Highlights

  • Students will be working 24 hours per week according to their preceptor's schedule unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Students will begin their schedule the second week of the semester and finish the next to the last week of the semester.
  • Preceptors assist the student to move from dependent to independent nursing practice.
  • Preceptors can expect the student to be motivated to work in the clinical setting.
  • Preceptors can expect the student to provide explanations or rationale for care and treatments given with particular attention given to use of nursing diagnosis.
  • Preceptors provide learning opportunities appropriate for the unit.
  • Preceptors focus learning on objectives as stated in the syllabus, students are not expected to be proficient at a particular hospital system.
  • Preceptors are responsible for monitoring and cosigning daily practices such as charting, taking physician orders, and practicing clinical skills (foleys, ABG's, NG's, etc.).

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