Clinical Nursing Skills Competency

Vital Signs


Orthopedic/Vascular Care

Pulse Rate & Sites

Straight Catheter Insertion/Removal

Application of Anti-embolism stockings

Respiratory Rate & Quality

Indwelling Catheter Insertion

Maintenance of TED hose

Blood Pressure:
1. Manual Auscultation
2. Electronic

Indwelling Catheter Removal

Application of Ace Wrap

Temperature: Axillary, Oral
Rectal, Tympanic

Perineal Care 

Use of Doppler

Infection Control


Pin Care

Hand Washing

Gravity Feedings

Clean Dressing Change; Superficial Dressing Change

Clean Gloving and Sterile Gloving

Enteral Feeding Tube:   Insertion, Maintenance & Removal

Deep Wound Packing; 
Wound Irrigation

Surgical Scrub; Sterile Field

Feeding Pumps

Suture/Staple Removal

Mental Health

Bowel Elimination

Bed Making & Comfort Measures

Mental Status Exam

Selection/Application of Ostomy Appliance

Making Occupied Bed

Therapeutic Communication Skills

Stoma/Peristomal Skin Care

Making Unoccupied Bed

Behavioral Modification Skills

Ostomy Pouch Care

ID & Allergy Bands

Evaluate risk for suicide

Physical Assessment


Evaluate risk for violence

Head-to-Toe Assessment

Use of Bedpan

Partial bed bath

Neurological exam

Use of Urinal

Oral Care



Mobility, Immobility & Positioning

IV Therapy

Respiratory Care

Body Mechanics

Tube Priming; Regulate flow

Pulse Oximeters

Body Alignment

Peripheral IV Maintenance, Insertion, and Site Care

Turn, Cough and Deep Breathe

Turning Patient

Peripheral IV Removal

Use of Ambu Bag/Mask

Transferring Patient: Bed

Central Line Management; CVP Catheter Care

Supplemental Oxygen

Use of safety devices/Gait Belt

IV Tube & Bag Changes


Use of Restraints

Use of Infusion Devices

Incentive Spirometry

Active Range of Motion

Heplock Saline Flush

Closed Chest Tube Drainage

Passive Range of Motion

IV Medication Push

Chest Tube Insertion Site Care

Assisted Ambulation

IV Piggyback Medications/Buretols

Tracheostomy Care

Use of Wheelchair , Crutches

Assessment for Inflammation/Infiltration

Chest Tube Insertion Site Care

Use of Cane, walker

Total Parenteral Nutrition  Administration (TPN)

Tracheostomy Care

Specimen Collection

Tubes and Drains

Pain Management & Assessment

Blood specimen/Phlebotomy

Insertion of Nasogastric Tube

Pain Assessment Tools

Stool specimen

Nasogastric Tube Maintenance

Patient Controlled Analgesia

Fecal Occult Blood Test (hemocult)

Gastrostomy Tube Maintenance

Relaxation Techniques

Glucose testing/Fingerstick

Drainage Collection Devices

Body Positioning

Cholesterol Testing

Maintenance of JP drains & Hemovacs


Safe Medication Preparation & Administration

Community Skills

Critical Care Skills

Oral (tablets, capsules & liquids)

Height & Weight of Children

Arterial Lines - Set-Up and 
Blood Sampling

Topicals, intradermal & transdermal

Pediculosis Screening

Pulmonary Artery Catheter
    Pressure Readings
    Leveling & Zeroing Transducer

Eye drops/Ointment

Vision/Hearing Screening

EKG - Basic Rhythm Strips

Nose Drops

Dental Screening

Ventilator Checks

Nasal Sprays/Nasal Inhalers

Scoliosis Screening


Subcutaneous/Intramuscular Injections

Use of Growth Charts


Reporting Errors



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