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Nursing students look at why patients use emergency departments as primary care

Students at the CapitolThe number of insured patients who visit emergency departments for their primary care services is growing each year, indicating the use of EDs for primary care goes beyond a matter of health insurance, says two University of Kansas Medical Center students who researched the U.S. trend from the patients' point of view.

KU School of Nursing seniors Elizabeth Powell and Laurissa Beckman looked into "Patients' Perceptions of Factors that Influence Accessing and Establishing Primary Care Services," and  discovered there is not a simple explanation for people using EDs for non-emergency visits.

 "We are beginning to uncover just how complex the interactions are among patients, insurance and the healthcare system," Powell says. "There are many factors that affect patients' use of the emergency department vs. a primary care facility, so it is vital to understand their perspective to design solutions that fit patients' needs."

Beckman, of Louisburg, Kan., and Powell, of Topeka, presented their research to legislators and the public on Wednesday, Feb. 12, as part of the 2014 Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol.

More than a dozen students from the schools of Nursing and Health Professions took their research posters to Topeka, joining their peers from KU- Lawrence and the six other Kansas Board of Regents universities. It marked the second year for Research Day at Capitol.

Master's students joined undergraduate presenters Wednesday in the first concurrent Master's Research Day at the Capitol. On Thursday, KU Medical Center doctoral students presented their research along with students from KU Lawrence, Kansas State and Wichita State at the 2014 Capitol Graduate Research Summit.

Here's the full list of KU Medical Center students who presented research at the Capitol last week.

Undergraduate Students

Laurissa Beckman , senior from Louisburg, Kan., and Elizabeth Powell, senior from Topeka, School of Nursing; "Patients' Perceptions of Factors that Influence Accessing and Establishing Primary Care Services," a study seeking to identify the barriers and facilatators to accessing and sustainging primary care services by insured inviduals.

Avery Fischgrund, School of Nursing, senior from Leawood, Kan.; "Nurse Leaders in Kansas: Roles and Goals," a descriptive analysis of the leadership sub-section of the Kansas Leadershing and Mentoring Survey. Mentor: Cythinia Teel

Christopher Groutas, senior from Mission, Kan., School of Nursing; "Unassisted Falls and Their Association With Various Nursing Workforce Variables," an exploration unit-level association between the percentage of unassisted falls and three nursing workforce variables: total RN staffing hours, total non-RN staffing hours and percentage of baccalaureate-prepared nurses. Mentor: Vincent Staggs.

Lynn Lee, of Lawrence, Kan., and Kody Henderson, of Topeka, Kan., seniors, School of Health Professions, Respiratory Care Education (RCE), "Effectiveness of the IPV-1C in Clearing Viscous Substances in a Small Airway Model," a study of the effectiveness of IPV-IC frequencies used during IPV in mobilizing secretions in small airways. Mentor:  Bethene Gregg  

Sydney Piles, School of Nursing, senior from Topeka; "Sedentary Time in Midlife Women," an assessment of sedentary time independently of light, moderate and vigorous physical activity levels in midlife women. Mentor: Kelly Bosak.

Kendra Sturgeon, School of Nursing, senior from Plainville, Kan.; "America's Health Insurance Plans' Rhetoric Related to the Affordable Care Act," a rhetorical critique of American's Health Insurance Plans' position on the ACA and how it is working to influence health care reform. Mentor: Debra Ford.

Courtney Swift, of Kansas City, Kan., Kassy Kimbley, of Olathe, Kan.; seniors, School of Health Professions,  Respiratory Care Education (RCE); "Leak Compensation of the Servo-I in NIV Mode Compared to the Respironics V60: A Lung Model Study," a study evaluating the more effective method in mobilizing secretions in small airways. Mentor: Bethene Gregg.

Cassi Welch, senior from Gardner, Kan., School of Nursing; "The Effects of Nurse Education and Certification on Hospital Acquired Infections," an investigation of the effects of nurse education and certification levels on the incidence of hospital acquired infections. Mentor: Emily Cramer.

Doctoral Students

Bliss O'Bryhim, School of Medicine, molecular and integrated physiology; Lenexa; "Tyrosinase Activity is Associated with Increased Severity of Oxygen-Induced Retinopathy via Modulation of Dopaminergic Signaling."

Cara Busenhart, School of Nursing; Overland Park; "The Opportunity to Act Like a Nurse: A Qualitative Analysis of Perceived Impact of Simulation on Professional Role Transition."

Charles Christopher Jehle Jr., School of Medicine; Overland Park; " Alcohol Use Disorder in Burn Patients."

Greta Stamper, School of Health Professions, audiology; Jacksonville, Fla.; "Auditory Responses in Normal-Hearing, Noise-Exposed Ears."

Kristin Watt, School of Medicine, cell biology and anatomy; Overland Park; "Investigation of the Roles of RNA Polymerase Subunits Polr1c and Polr1d in Craniofacial Development and the Pathogenesis of Treacher Collins Syndrome."







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