Forms for Research

Kansas Tax Exemption Form (PDF)

Missouri Tax Exemption Form (PDF)

Office of Grants and Research Travel Information Form (PDF)
Before you travel, download & complete the Office of Grants and Research (OGR) Travel Information Form, print copy & obtain/apply appropriate signatures, add required attachments and deliver travel packet to OGR, Room 3010C, SON. Please see the OGR Travel FAQs (PDF) for a list of frequently asked questions regarding travel reimbursement and a checklist of required documents.

Departmental Review of Research Involving Human Subjects Form (PDF)
The Guidelines for Departmental Scientific Review/HSC Application Signoff Document(PDF) outlines the guidelines for faculty and student project scientific review and sign-off.

Purchase Request Form (PDF)
Complete form and save to your hard drive, then do one of following:

  1. e-mail completed form as an attachment to
  2. print and attach to supporting documentation. then drop it into the OGR req. box.

You can keep a blank copy by doing a save as to your desktop. Also you can save all your submitted requests to separate files of your choice.

Last modified: Jul 08, 2013