Shin Hye Park, Ph.D., RN

Assistant Professor
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas, National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators®
Ph.D., University of California San Francisco, School of Nursing
BSN, MSN, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Park is an assistant professor at the KU School of Nursing. Her program of research has been focused on nursing workforce characteristics, nursing work environments, and their relationship to patient outcomes in acute care hospitals.

During her doctoral and post-doctoral programs, Park was involved in various research projects on the nursing workforce and patient outcomes using large-scale databases, such as the University HealthSystem Consortium data, the American Hospital Association data and the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators data.  Park's research has been published in Medical Care, Research in Nursing & Health, and Journal of Nursing Administration.  She was a principal investigator on a research project examining quality of care and nursing work environments with high patient turnover, It was funded by Sigma Theta Tau International.

Also, Park received the Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (CGEAN) 2014 Experienced Career Award and is currently working on a project funded by the CGEAN.

Park received her Ph.D. from the University of California at San Francisco, and her MSN and BSN from Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® at the University of Kansas. 

Areas of Teaching 

NRSG 943 Quantitative Research Methods; NRSG 944 Quantitative Research Application; NRSG 754 Health Care Research; NRSG 885 Evaluation and Analysis for Healthcare Effectiveness  

Selected Publications

Park, S.H. & Boyle, D. (In Press). How hospitals view unit-level nurse turnover data collection: Analysis of a hospital survey. Journal of Nursing Administration

Park, S.H. (2014). Higher numbers of nurses and consultants improve survival rates for critically ill patients. Evidence-Based Nursing. ebnurs-2014-101920. doi: 10.1136/eb-2014-101920

Park, S.H., Boyle, D., Bergquist-Beringer, S., Staggs, V., & Dunton, N. (2014). Concurrent and lagged effects of unit-level registered nurse turnover and staffing on unit-acquired pressure ulcers. Health Services Research, 49(4), 1205-1225.

Blegen, M., Goode, C., Park, S.H., Vaughh, T., & Spetz, J. (2013). Baccalaureate education in nursing and patient outcomes. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(2), 89-94. 

Park, S.H., Blegen, M., Spetz, J., Chapman, S., & De Groot, H. Comparison of nurse staffing measurements in staffing-outcomes research. Medical Care. [Dec 6, 2012, Epub ahead of print].

Park, S.H., Blegen, M., Spetz, J., Chapman, S., & De Groot, H. (2102). Patient turnover and the relationship between nurse staffing and patient outcomes. Research in Nursing & Health, 35(3), 277-288.       

Blegen, M., Goode, C., Spetz, J., Vaughn, T., & Park, S.H. (2011). Nurse staffing effects on patient outcomes: Safety-net and non-safety-net hospitals. Medical Care, 49(4), 406-414.

Goode, C., Blegen, M., Park, S.H., Vaughn, T., & Spetz, J. (2011). Comparison of patient outcomes in Magnet and non-Magnet hospitals. Journal of Nursing Administration, 41(12), 517-523.

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Shin Hye Park, Ph.D., RN
Assistant Professor

P: 913-588-1624