The Preceptor Process

The Preceptor Process

Dear KU School of Nursing Advanced Practice Student,

As you begin planning for your clinical courses, we want to review the procedure for preceptor selection for clinical experiences. Students and faculty collaborate in determining an appropriate clinical site for all clinical courses. While each advanced practice student is responsible for identifying a preceptor that they would like to work with for each clinical course,  it is essential that the student involve the assigned faculty member in this process.

Once enrolled in a clinical course, you should review the Checklist for Preceptor Selection and Approval ProcessThe checklist is accompanied by important dates as well as step-by-step instructions for selecting and securing approval from the faculty and the preceptor. To assist you in selecting appropriate preceptors for your clinical experiences,  please refer to the Guidelines for Selecting a Preceptor

Prior to Contacting Potential Preceptors

You must submit the name of the preceptor to the course faculty for approval. This step is critical in securing you an appropriate placement that will provide the opportunity to meet the course objectives and save you time and frustration of contacting preceptors who have already been contacted by other students.

Clinical courses differ in the number of required clinical hours.  The table below provides an overview:

Course Number

Course Title Clinical Hours/ Week
NRSG 815 Primary Care I, Practicum 8
NRSG 817 Primary Care II, Practicum 16
NRSG 818 Primary Care III, Practicum 24-40
NRSG 831* Care of Women in the Antepartal Period Practicum 16-24
NRSG 837* Childbearing Family Practicum: Intrapartum, Postpartum, and Newborn 8-16 + call
NRSG 838* Primary care of Women Across the Lifespan Practicum 8-16
NRSG 840* Nurse-Midwifery Integration Practicum 28-32 + call
NRSG 846 Psychotherapeutics I: Psychiatric Mental Health NP Practicum 8
NRSG 848 Psychotherapeutics II: Psychiatric Mental Health NP Practicum 16
NRSG 849 Psychotherapeutics III: Psychiatric Mental Health NP Practicum 24
NRSG 863* Adult/Geriatric Health Care (CNS) I 8
NRSG 864 Adult/Geriatric Health Care (NP) I 8
NRSG 866* Adult/Geriatric Health Care (CNS) II 16
NRSG 867 Adult/Geriatric Health Care (NP) II 16
NRSG 868* Adult/Geriatric Health Care (CNS) III 24-40
NRSG 869 Adult/Geriatric Health Care  (NP) III 24-40


 *Adult/Geriatric CNS courses and the Midwifery courses are arranged with the course coordinator of each specialty at the beginning of the semester.

Students enrolled in NRSG 815, 817, 818, 864, 867 and 869 have the option of a clinical placement at a rural location. The preceptors and sites for a rural rotation are selected and arranged for the student by faculty. These rotations are generally completed in a consolidated block of time. Students wishing to pursue this option or with questions about a rural rotation should contact Diane Ebbert or Moya Peterson.

Last modified: May 13, 2015