Checklist for Preceptor Selection and Approval Process

You may contact a potential preceptor once you have obtained permission from faculty to do so. You will need to inform them of the time commitment and determine the days of the week they are available.  Remember, you will need to be flexible with your time/availability in order to accommodate the preceptor's schedule.

Step 1. For Students: 

___ a. Review Guidelines for Selecting a Preceptor.
___ b. Email the course faculty with the name of a potential preceptor that you would like approval to contact. 

Step 2. For Faculty:

___ a. Review student request for contacting potential preceptor. Check to see that preceptor has not already been contacted.
___ b. Check for site contract and preceptor profile information on file with KUSON. 
___ c. Notify student of approval/denial of request to contact preceptor within a week of receiving request. 
___ d. If site contract is not on file, then email Clinical Agency Information Form to the student so they can complete the form.  Once the form is completed, forward to staff to initiate a contract.
___ e. If preceptor profile is not on file, then faculty will email student preceptor profile form and ask student to request that their preceptor complete and return the profile to faculty. 

Step 3. For Students:

___a. Contact preceptor and identify:

  • Willingness of preceptor to take a student
  • The day(s) of the week that the student is permitted at the site
  • Name of contact person for contracts and fax/address info to send agency contract (if needed)
  • If another provider is available to work with in case the primary preceptor is absent on the scheduled clinic day.

___b. If faculty emails you the Preceptor Profile because one is not currently on file at SON, then please give it to your preceptor  with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to complete and request they mail it to: ATTN: (your faculty contact name here), The University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Nursing, Mail Stop 4043, 3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS, 66160. The profiles can also be faxed to ATTN: (your faculty contact name here) 913-588-1660.

___c. Send e-mail to faculty contact indicating the following:

  1. Preferred preceptor's willingness to take a student
  2. Day(s) of the week available for student precepting
  3. Permission by potential preceptor to precept with other providers if the primary preceptor is absent.

Step 4. For Faculty:

___ a.  Keep track in Sharepoint the status of clinical site contract and preceptor profile documentation.
___ b. Faculty gives appropriate staff completed set of preceptor profile documents, including license, certification, and CV for filing and entry into Typhon. 
___  c. Prepare course letter for mailing to preceptor (should include student name, course number, number of days per week in clinic, course objectives/student expectations and contact information for faculty).
____d. Once clinical sites are set for all students, send a copy of student and site to staff so that preceptors can be entered into Typhon.

Step 5.  For Staff

___ a. Log and file preceptor profile documents and enter preceptors into Typhon.
___ b. Send letter prepared by faculty to preceptor with student name, course number, number of days per week in clinic, course objectives/student expectations, and contact information for faculty.

*Note: Clinical hours in CNS courses and Midwifery courses are individually arranged with the course coordinator of each track at the beginning of the semester.

Last modified: Jun 18, 2013