Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, Ph.D., RN

Research Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Kansas, School of Nursing
MS, Nursing and Healthcare Management, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
BS, Nursing and Midwifery, Saraburi Nursing College, Thailand


Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, Ph.D., RN, received a bachelor of science degree in nursing and midwifery from Saraburi Nursing College, Thailand and master's degree in nursing and healthcare management from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. Her doctorate is in nursing from the KU School of Nursing, where she was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Chapter. Piamjariyakul completed KU Medical Center's multidisciplinary, two-year postdoctoral research certification in 2005. Subsequently, her professional responsibilities have included data and project management on NIH-funded R01s and a clinical trial for complex chronic care (NR04711, NR8028, NR04828, and NR09078).

Piamjariyakul's program of research is to conduct health care services delivery interventions which increase the patients' and family members' ability to make appropriate self-management decisions, along with their physicians, to integrate chronic illness care. Multidisciplinary education for this vulnerable population may be cost-effective in improving the patients' self-management and quality of life.

Piamjariyakul is currently operations director for the Nurse Practitioner Heart Failure Clinic Appointment Clinical Trial grant (funded by NHLBl) and on the Caregiving in Technology Home Care Clinical Trial grant (funded by NINR). Carol Smith, Ph.D., RN, is the principal investigator on both grants. As PI, Piamjariyakul recently completed research funded by the American Heart Association Beginning Grant-in-Aid to conduct focus group research to identify factors and mechanisms that patients, their clinicians and family can deem essential for self-management of heart failure. Also, most recently her NIH Minority Supplement grant was awarded to cover 75 percent of her salary for four years. Further, the minority mentorship supported Piamjariyakul's submission for the competitive Bernard Saperstein Caregiving Foundation grant. This small foundation grant allowed Piamjariyakul to test the feasibility of a coaching program for family caregivers of HF patients.

Previously, Piamjariyakul completed a small seed faculty grant research study identifying factors that result in nurse satisfaction and position retention. She used focus group research methods and advanced statistical software for the analyses. Also, she was co-PI on a project that tested symptom self-management among cancer patients who received chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Piamjariyakul has written and co-authored articles describing interventions for improving health care delivery, self-management and cost-analysis procedures.

Select Publications

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Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, Ph.D., RN
Research Associate Professor

P: (913) 588-1544