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Carol E Smith, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Ph.D., University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
MS, Wayne State University
BSN, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa


  • KU faculty since 1984
  • Continually funded for research by National Institutes of Health since 1985
  • Peer reviewer for Journal of Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition (JPEN), Circulation, Gastrointestinal Research in Medicine, Nursing Research, Journal of Medical Informatics, Journal of Patient Education/Counseling; Editorial Board of Western Journal Nursing Research

Academic Program Affiliations

  • MS
  • PhD

Current Areas of Teaching

  • NRSG 856/IPHI 856: Health Informatics Practicum
  • NRSG 898 Research Project in Nursing
  • NRSG 990 Doctoral Research
  • NRSG 959 Research Experience

Selected Publications out of 170

  • Smith, CE., Werkowitch, M., Piamjariyakul U., Yadrich D, Thompson N., Parks, L.,Nelson E. (2017).  Identification of Depressive Signs in Patients and Their Family Members During iPad-based Audiovisual Sessions."  Comp. & Informtics in Nursg. Vol. 35, no. 7. (NIHMS858452, Publ.ID: CIN-D-16-00075). PMID: 28445171.  Selected as Feature article.
  • Smith, CE., Werkowitch, M. Piamjariyakul, U. Yadrich, D. Thompson, N. Nelson,E.  (2016). A Clinical Trial of  Translation Evidenced-Based Interventions and Illness-Specific Internet Sites into Practice for Mobile Distance Delivery.  Journal of Engineering: Research in Sensor and Data Communications. PMID:4864853
  • Smith, CE., Spaulding, R, Werkowitch, M, Yadrich, D, Piamjariyakul, U, Hooper, D, Moore T, Gilroy, R. (2015). mHealth Clinic Appointments via PC tablet: Implementation, Challenges and Solutions. Journal of Mobile Health Technology Medicine, 4(2), 21-32. PMCID: 26604991
  • Smith, C.E., Piamjariyakul, U., Wick, J., Spertus, J.A., Russell, C., Dalton, K.M., Elychar, M.A., Vacek, J., Reeder, K., Nazir, N., & Ellerbeck, E. (2014). Multidisciplinary Group Clinic Appointments: The Home-Management and Care of Heart Failure Trial. Circulation-HF. PMID: 25236883
  • Smith, C.E., Model of Caregiving Effectiveness replicated, reviewed and cited in Smith, M. J. & Liehr, P. R. eds. Middle Range Theory for Nursing. 3rd ed. Springer Publ Company; 2014. & in M. McEwan & E.Wills, eds., Theoretical Basis for Nursing, (2nd ed.) Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins.

Selected Presentations

  • Carol Smith PhD, RN  "Conducting Clinical Trials Per International Standards", Turku, Finland, May 31-June 4, 2017.
  • Carol E. Smith, PhD, RN; Ryan Spaulding, PhD, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, PhD, RN, Sharon Fitzgerald, MPH, Donna Yadrich, MPA, CCRP & Chanawee Prinyarux, BS MS. Configuring mHealth Devices for Secure Patient Home Care and Research at the International mHealth Scientific Conf, Wash. DC. 2013,  (Selected for featured interview).
  • Carol Smith PhD, RN; Family Outcomes & Costs of iPad Mobile Distance Care of HPN Care at the National Annual Multidisciplinary Scientific Congress, ASPEN, on February 7, 2013.
  • Carol Smith PhD, RN; Science Panel on Technology to Support Family Caregiving for Congressional Committee on 21st Century HealthCare; Healthcare Caucus lead by Congressional Representatives Earl Pomeroy and Patrick Kennedy, Chair on Capital Hill, US Congress Office Building, 2008.
  • Carol Smith PhD, RN, Updates on Clinical Care Based on Scientific Research, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia: 1998, 2001 & 2003.

Selected Grants out of 42

  • 2016-19, $1.6  National Institutes of Health, iPad Connections for Support from Multidisciplinary Professionals & Peers. Major Goals: 1) Test use of iPads access by patients to professionals and peers 2) Test health related informatics' games for preventing infection, depression, and improving access to health professionals.
  • 2012-16, $1.7 million, National Institutes of Health, Mobile Technologies Assisting Patients in Healthy Living Activities, Major Goals: Use mobile technologies to connect to internet evidence based information, professionals and peers for support of healthy living activities of short walk, nap, and low sodium diet managing complex home care, Smith (PI) 
  • 2006-13, $3.3 million, National Institutes of Health, Patient Self-Management & Care of Heart Failure (SMAC-HF), Test the magnitude of effects of group clinic appointments on the primary composite endpoint of HF rehospitalization or death and secondary endpoints of functional health status, quality of life and use of and costs of their health care services, Smith PI
  • 2012-15, $25,000, KUMC Research Institute Inc., HF Illness Burden Trajectories/Ethno-Cultural Needs of African Americans with Heart Failure, Major Goals:  The major goal is to collect data on preferences home care management and end of life care of elders with heart failure.
  • 2005-11, $2.5 million, National Institutes of Health- NINR, Technological Home Care, Specific aims of this study are to test the effects of a nursing interventions delivered by in-home land line Picture Phones, Personal Computers and firewall protected Web sites. Interventions were on family caregiving procedures to improve HPN patients' infection, depression, quality of life and reduce their health care services costs.

Awards & Honors

  • 2012, Sigma Theta Tau International Researcher Hall of Fame
  • 2010, Awarded the Finnish Honorary Doctorate, Turku University, Finland
  • 2010, Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
  • 2009, Featured researcher the European International Journal of Innovation in Research
  • 2008, Invited member of Capitol Hill panel, Technology to Support Family Caregiving presented to the 21st Century Healthcare Congressional Caucus, Patrick Kennedy Chair
  • 2007, Invited panel for State of Science in Caregiving by AARP & Hartford Foundations
  • 2003, Chancellor's Teaching Award
  • 1998, University of Kansas's Innovative Educator Award
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Carol E Smith, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

P: (913) 588-1667