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School of Nursing > Clinical instructor develops tool to help nurses deal with workplace bullying

Clinical instructor develops tool to help nurses deal with workplace bullying

April 1, 2015

By Toni Cardarella

Gerrihlyn McGeeUniversity of Kansas School of Nursing clinical instructor Jerrihyln McGee, DNP, RN, has seen first-hand the impact bullying can have on hospital nursing staff. So she wanted to research and develop a management tool that could help nurses and nurse leaders better deal with the pervasive problem.

"As a new graduate nurse I experienced workplace bullying, and as a nurse leader I witnessed and received complaints about bullying," says McGee, who has worked as a nursing director at an area hospital as well as a nurse manager, charge nurse and staff nurse. "Fortunately, I was able to manage those situations; however, everyone is not so lucky."

As part of her research, McGee surveyed nurses at a local hospital to find out what they know about workplace bullying and used her findings as a guide to develop the new management tool called the I-CPR "badge buddy." The tool, she says, provides nurses with ways to identify (I), control (C), prevent (P) and report (R) workplace bullying.

Her poster presentation of the research, "Managing Workplace Bullying: A Baseline Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge," won the first place School of Nursing Taunton Medal at the 2015 Student Research Forum at KU Medical Center.  Lisa Ogawa, Ph.D., RN, and Debbie Ford, Ph.D., were the faculty mentors on her project.

Students from the schools of medicine, nursing, health professionals participated in the 37th annual Student Research Forum. The award winners were announced this week.

Four other KU School of Nursing students participated in the March 25-27 event:

Oral presentations:  

  • Julie Broski, "A Systematic Review of Literature on the Use of Scientific Evidence in Intellectual Disability Policy in the United States." Her School of Nursing faculty mentor on the research was Phoebe Williams, Ph.D., RN.  
  • Adrienne Platt, "Insulin resistance and progression to type-2 diabetes (DM2) in high-risk obese youth. Her School of Nursing faculty mentor was Kelly Bosak, Ph.D., APRN.  

Poster Presentations:  

  • Barbara Adkins, "Predictors of Quality of Life with Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy or Axillary Lymph Node Dissection in Breast Cancer Survivors." Her School of Nursing mentors were Geri Neuberger, Ph.D., RN, Marge Bott, Ph.D., RN, and Sue Popkess-Vawter, Ph.D., RN.  
  • Julie Broski, "Nurses' Perceptions of Patient Needs during Hospital Discharge:  A Qualitative Descriptive Study." Her School of Nursing faculty mentor was Elaine Domian, Ph.D., APRN.   Lydia Mejia-Johnson, "A Systematic Literature Review of Strategies Aimed at Improving Nursing Care Processes Relevant to Patient Turnover in Hospital Settings." Her faculty mentor was Shin Hye Park, Ph.D., RN.    

Here's a list of all of the students who won awards for their presentations at the 2015 Student Research Forum.    

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