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Professional Development & Mentoring

Faculty Mentoring in the KU School of Nursing

The purpose of the faculty mentoring program is to provide formal and informal mentoring for faculty at all stages of their career in the areas of teaching, research, practice, and the faculty role.  The goals of the faculty mentoring program are:
  • Build a mechanism for knowledge transfer
  • Provide guidance and support for career growth for all faculty (Including assistance with developing specific plans for promotion)
  • Promote a climate that values collegiality
  • Create a climate conducive for substantive contributions
  • Advance school's mission through scholarship
  • Support the growth of leadership skills in all faculty.

The KU School of Nursing Continuing Education Committee is facilitating the pilot of this program in 2014-2015.  For more information, please contact DeLois Laverentz at (913) 588-1664 or Carol Buller at (913) 588-1021.



Last modified: Sep 19, 2018