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Office of Practice

Innovation in Health Care

Consistent with the mission of the University of Kansas Medical Center, the School of Nursing believes in improving lives and communities in Kansas and beyond through innovation in education, research and health care.  The Office of Practice in the KU School of Nursing is just that:  an innovative approach to engage faculty and students in registered nurse and advanced practice nursing practice opportunities, in combination with research or teaching within the University of Kansas School of Nursing.

As of October 2017, all KU School of Nursing faculty members can choose to practice as part of their faculty responsibilities.   We have processes in place that assist with credentialing, continuing education and selecting a site from a variety of practice settings. In addition, we actively work with management consulting services to optimize the practice experience for both patients and providers.

Contact Amy Garcia, DNP, RN, CENP at, or Lauren Roberts, Administrative Assistant, at

Last modified: Mar 10, 2020