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An exciting model for nursing education

The University of Kansas School of Nursing established the Salina Campus in an effort to attract and educate professional nurses who want to practice in rural Kansas communities. The goal of the new campus is to provide quality clinical training in a rural setting so students have an opportunity to experience the values of living and working in a smaller community and will choose to practice in rural Kansas after graduation.

Students follow the same curriculum as their peers in Kansas City utilizing interactive video and onsite faculty to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They complete their clinical experiences at Salina Regional Health Center and other local clinics.

With a maximum class size of 24, students develop a sense of comradery and community with each other on the Salina campus. Students have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally by engaging in educational programs, participating in campus activities, and volunteering with community organizations.

Last modified: Oct 14, 2020